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Empowering automation excellence.
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Products & Services

In tight collaboration with clients we develop electrical schematics, mounting plate layouts, cable tables, junction terminal strip diagrams etc.

After the design process our experienced team of panel assembly specialists will build the corresponding system.

Every automated line or machine creates value by repeating precise steps based on technological Know-How. Here our automation programmers come into action by creating a codebase for machine/line control and creating human machine interfaces allowing production managers to conveniently set up parameters to create the products we all love. As for the business integrations, we have extensive experience with bringing data to people who can extract the most value out of it.

During the installation or planning of a production line or a machine, a client can get help with an opinion or solution proposal based on 10 years of experience.

We all are hands-on professionals. With the greatest commitment to excellence we will assist our clients with installation of our built automation solutions.

All our systems have a quality guarantee. We are able to support our clients remotely if needed thanks to today’s global connectivity.

  • Preplaning with simulations.
    Replacing repetitive jobs on site is a great way of rising productivity, predictability and overall staff satisfaction. To better understand if chosen modernization is the right thing to do, nothing helps better than a simulation/visualization. It is better to see once than to hear ten times.
  • Integration with machine vision and industrial automation systems.
    In most cases robotic arms are just a cell in a bigger line/machine. In most cases robotic arms are a manipulator taking a piece from infeed equipment and positioning it in outfeed equipment. This calls for smart interfacing between systems so they work together safely, efficiently thus creating the maximum value for their owner.

Use Cases

Robot arm palletizer automation with multiple stacks per robot.

Solution replaces monotone human work with little possibilities to improve job ergonomics with a system able to do job 24/7 with easily definable palletizing rules. Now workers can attend to more useful and interesting tasks.

Plank stacker control equipment.
Plank destacker control equipment.
Algorithm for optimizing cross cut saw line based on minimal waste or highest market value.
High precision servo positioning of optimizing cross cut saw.
Biomass pellet manufacturing line drive and automation systems:
  • Drum dryers

  • Conveyor dryers

  • Hammermills with automatic infeed of biomass based on motor load
    This control algorithm allows to maximize hammermill productivity without overloading the system and causing unnecessary downtime.

  • Pellet presses with motors up to 400kW, with automatic infeed of biomass based on motor load.
    Using this algorithm allows pellet press to reach optimal productivity.

Mobile over-pumping system automation with remote monitoring and control with data accumulation and synchronization with the cloud when available.

Owners of such systems can easily retrieve data about usage and load characteristics thus planning actions for further expansion or relocation of the system. Work hour logging allows planning for maintenance to maintain downtime as little as possible in planned interwalls.

High capacity static over-pumping automation system for municipalities(multiple pumps with over 30kW power each) with remote Monitoring and Control with Data Accumulation and synchronization with the Cloud when available.

With an integrated pump load optimization algorithm system allows to balance the workload between pumps in this way achieving even distribution of wear of mechanical parts. Integrated data accumulation system allows owners to make data driven decisions(predictive maintenance, system expansion, resource relocation).

PV panel sun tracking system automation.

With the active sun tracking chassis of the solar panel array one can produce an additional up to 30% of energy. Our system after initial calibration is tracking the sun based on coordinates and time of the year. This way the client does not need an additional sun trajectory tracking sensor/array of sensors. If needed, the system can implement a sun tracking fine tuning algorithm based on current produced and/or sun detection sensor.

High volume bulk cargo loading conveyors with load synchronization between axis(with motor power of 130kW).
Sea container loading, unloading and transporting machines with radio control and remote monitoring capabilities.
Automation system for parcel tracking and sorting(4500 parcels per hour). Data exchange between end users business system and tracker/sorter.
  • Parcel infeed system with parcel distancing.

  • Omnichain distribution conveyor automation.

  • Parcel Tracking on the conveyors for data synchronization.

Batch dosers.
On the fly weighing.
Weight batching system with multiple trays.
Liquid dosing application automation.



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